Why landlords should pay their rent more: What you need to know

Renters who have been told by their landlords to move out of the rental unit and into a furnished apartment may be forced to pay more than the market rate to rent an apartment.

What this means for tenants is that they will have to pay a higher monthly rent to get the same quality of services and amenities that they can find in a furnished unit.

In the case of furnished apartments, tenants who have had a lease for less than six months can be charged a 30 percent rent increase, according to the National Association of Realtors.

But that could also increase if a tenant is evicted for not paying rent on time, or if they leave the unit in violation of lease terms.

In a statement to ABC News, the NAR said, “In all states and jurisdictions, landlords can use their discretion when deciding to rent to tenants who are not paying their rent on a monthly basis.”

The NAR, which is a trade group representing landlords, said that “it is the responsibility of landlords to keep their properties clean and in good repair.”

The association also said that landlords should not force renters to move into apartments where they have no choice.

The NARP also said landlords should take steps to help their tenants find better-quality, lower-cost apartments.

For example, it said, landlords should:· Rent apartments in areas that are affordable to low-income renters, such as neighborhoods with less than 50 percent of median household income, and rent to those who do not qualify for the federal rent assistance program.· Provide tenant assistance through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) or the Small Business Administration.· Offer to move tenants into apartments with higher rent rates and/or make other rent reductions if they are unable to afford rent on their own.· If landlords do not make adequate repairs, tenants can report them to the local government, the association said.

“It’s important that landlords recognize the potential impact on tenants if they don’t make their properties more affordable, but it’s also important that they provide the appropriate services to help them move into these properties,” said Richard Sallie, a partner at the law firm Davis Wright Tremaine in San Francisco.

For renters who rent, the rent increase is due to inflation and is usually based on the consumer price index.

It is estimated that landlords can increase their rent by up to $1,500 per year if they continue to keep up with rising rents.

In some cases, the rental increases are so large that the renters have to file an application with the Rent Stabilization Board of California, which can require them to pay up to 50 percent more than they currently pay for rent.

For more information on rent increases and other local housing issues, follow the ABC News Housing team on Twitter: @abcnewshomes

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