Why is Safavie Hassan so good at her job?

Home furnishings sales have been up, but it hasn’t translated into new listings.

So what’s the secret to Hassan’s success?

The answer is the same as it’s always been: She works hard.

In fact, it’s probably safe to say she’s never worked more hard than Safavio Hassan, a 27-year-old woman from Houston.

In her spare time, she spends most of her time making her own furniture, and she’s been making a name for herself for about two years now.

Hassan says her passion is the design of furniture, which is why she moved to Houston to do furniture design in 2009, right after her parents divorced.

Her father, who lives in the suburbs, didn’t want to be involved in their housework.

When her mother moved to Texas in 2012, she was forced to pay the mortgage and the mortgage on the two houses she shared with her mother.

She worked full-time, and her father never paid her.

She says she learned to take care of her own money and spend it wisely, which she says she’s done.

Her mother didn’t have much.

And the mortgage wasn’t cheap either.

Hasan, a third-year business major, has since worked hard to save up to buy a home, buy her own studio and make her own bedding.

When she got married in 2013, her parents were still paying her a mortgage.

That meant Hassan had to pay off her mother’s debt, and now she had her own place to live.

She has also taken on some of her father’s responsibilities.

Hassan has become a full-fledged housewife, taking on her father-in-law’s housework, cleaning and caring for her mother-in.

Her work ethic has paid off.

She’s made over $60,000 since she started her career, which includes paying off her mortgage, according to Harris County data.

But Hassan’s biggest accomplishment may be her work ethic.

When she first started her job in January, she had to wait two months for her first floor furniture order, so she kept her eyes open for new projects, said Safavia Hassan, Safaviel’s mother.

The wait was frustrating.

But after she got her order in February, Hassan quickly learned how to find a way to deliver her furniture orders in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

She started a Facebook page called, “Housework and Furniture Delivery,” which is now a way for her to connect with others who need help with furniture deliveries.

“I’m really proud of her,” Safaviet Hassan said.

“She’s just so talented.”

Hassans started the page with the goal of getting customers to order furniture on time, but she says that was difficult.

So she’s now sharing her success with her friends and colleagues.

“It’s been so beneficial to us, we’ve been sharing,” Safavan Hassan said, adding that she’s even gotten a new client, a woman in Houston who is looking to move into her new home and hire a maid to help with her daily chores.

Hasaan Hassan’s parents have since moved back to Texas.

She has been able to move back in with her parents, and has gotten some help with some of the furniture she needs.

Safaviedh Hassan says she has been doing better in her own house.

But she says it’s not easy, and it’s still a long road ahead.

“We’re just in a time where we need to work a little harder,” she said.

The good news is that it’s never too late to make a difference.

Haseeb Hasan said he has noticed that Hassan’s house is getting better.

“I think it’s just the right balance of what we have here.

We have the right amount of space and we have the room to make it look good,” he said.

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