Which TV show will you watch this season?

This week, we asked you, the fans, which TV show you want to watch this year.

Here’s what you said.1.

The Bachelor in Paradise (season 8)This season, the Bachelor in Love season was renewed for a third season.

But the season’s final episode, which aired on Wednesday, August 18, was the most divisive episode of the season.

Fans took to social media to criticize the writers for including a scene in which the Bachelor is forced to wear a black and white T-shirt that has the words “Hater Bitch” scrawled across it.

After the episode aired, some users suggested that the writers changed the scene to make the Bachelor’s character less racist.

Others pointed out that the episode was written by a black man, and a white woman, and the show was airing on Lifetime.2.

The Amazing Race (season 7)Last season’s finale was a classic example of a series that changed from season to season, making the first season’s winners and losers seem as random as the contestants themselves.

But this season’s winner, who was crowned last week, was a man named Daniel Barenboim.

He was voted out in the same way that the show’s original winners and their respective competitors were.

As he walked off the set, his fans shouted, “Daniel Barenboom!

That’s right, you’re a man!”

After he was eliminated, his family said that they were devastated.

“It was a devastating moment, and I wish that we could have had more of it,” his sister, Courtney, told The Associated Press.

“I’m very sorry that he has to go through that.”3.

The Mindy Project (season 3)The Mindy project made its season premiere last week and quickly became one of the most watched shows of the summer.

But viewers were not happy with its choice to have the cast of Mindy Kaling’s show play a game of musical chairs, in which Mindy plays the role of the queen while playing the role, the rest of the cast plays the queen, and Mindy is the only one who doesn’t play.

After Mindy lost, some fans took to Twitter to complain about the way the show treated the cast.

“That was so unfair, and they arent even allowed to play the game,” one user wrote.

“They have to play as the queens,” another said.

“But they cant.

It was so horrible, and we all just want to go back to the good old days when everyone was playing with everyone.”4.

The Bachelorette (season 6)In the first episode of season 6, the Bachelorettes were the first contestants to compete on a reality competition show.

They were supposed to have been the first to compete in a game called The Baskets.

But after the first round of the game, they were voted out of the competition for playing the part of the wrong queen.

They then had to play a musical number to save their lives.

The producers said the series was meant to be a game show for men and women.5.

Game of Thrones (season 5)The show’s second season was supposed to be the season of the wedding of Cersei Lannister and Jaime Lannister.

But instead, they both ended up dead in a fiery fire, and Cersei was forced to marry the Prince of Dorne, whom she had been courting.

This led many fans to suggest that the wedding was meant as a joke to be played on fans.

“Theres something wrong with the wedding,” one fan tweeted.

“Jaime Lannister was supposed not to die in the fire, but Cersei is married to him.”6.

House of Cards (season 1)House of Cards season 1 was supposed the season that ended with the deaths of three of its characters.

But some viewers found the show offensive for not making the characters more likable, especially after one of its main characters, Frank Underwood, was forced into the role after he killed his own brother, John Underwood.

“House of Cards, while an excellent show, is far too complex for its intended audience,” one viewer wrote on Facebook.

“What if this were a season of murder mysteries, with Frank Under the lead?

What if he was the murderer?”7.

The Voice (season 4)The fifth season of The Voice is set to air next week, and fans have been clamoring to hear the show.

“This season was really hard to watch,” one tweeter said.

The show has been criticized for a lack of female leads, and one fan pointed out the lack of a female cast member.

“Why are there only two female hosts, and no female producers?” the tweeter asked.

“A female lead would have been great.”8.

Survivor (season 2)The second season of Survivor is the one that gave the world the “Survivor” nickname.

But its popularity didn’t last for long. After a

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