Which of these four homes is the most expensive in Las Vegas?

Home furnishings in Las Vega are becoming increasingly expensive, and the prices on the market have soared to levels not seen since the mid-2000s.

There are more than 1,300 listings in Las Vegas alone for homes that cost more than $1 million, according to Zillow.

The city’s hottest market is in the South of the Strip, but there are still plenty of options, like condos and townhomes that sell for more than the median price in Las Vegas.

While the average price of a home in Las Venegas has dropped significantly in recent years, some properties have remained pricey.

Here are the top 10 most expensive homes in Las vegas.


$1.2 million: This two-story condo sits on the southwest corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Las Vegas Avenue.

It has a spacious living room with an open kitchen and bathroom, and a master suite with a fireplace.

It’s equipped with a private pool, a fitness center and a large living room.

There’s also a backyard with a patio.


$955,000: This three-story apartment sits on a large lot next to a large plaza.

The home has a two-car garage with a garage door.

It also has a garage and a private entrance.


$900,000,000.00: This five-story townhome in Las Valles is a mix of condos, townhoms and townhouses.

The two-bedroom apartment has a master bathroom, large living and dining room, two bedrooms, and one bath.


$898,000 and up: This four-story home is located on the west side of Las Venagas.

It is a large, four-bedroom townhome that has two bedrooms and two baths.


$950,000 or more: This nine-story, two-storey townhome is located near the intersection of Las Veges Tropicana and Las Venigas Boulevard.

It features a master bedroom, master bathroom and two bathrooms.


$850,000-$1 million: These two-floor townhousets in Las Vicias Tropicanas and Las Veganas Boulevard are two-level homes that feature a large open living and living room, a large backyard with an outdoor patio and a spacious master suite.


$880,000-1 million; $1-million: These four-floor homes feature two bedrooms on one side of the property and two bedrooms off the other.

They also feature a living room and a second bedroom on the front.


$750,000+: This one-story four-level home in downtown Las Vegas features a full-size swimming pool, pool deck, spa, and tennis courts.


$720,000 to $900 in Las Vegas: This 12-story detached home sits on one of the hottest properties in Lasvegas.

It offers a large master suite, a spacious kitchen and a separate garage for storage.


$600,000 in Las Vaces: This 4-story ranch home in Los Santos is located in the center of the Las Vegas strip, just south of Tropicany Boulevard and Tropican Avenue.

There is a full kitchen and dining area, plus a spacious backyard with patio.


$500,000; $700,000 for a detached home in Lake Tahoe: This 8-story three-bedroom house sits on an isolated hillside overlooking Lake Tahoes lake.

The house has a full living room plus a second and third bedroom, and two garages.


$250,000 plus a $400,000 home in Bakersfield, California: This 10-story two-flat is located between downtown and Bakersfields, California.

It was designed by architects from the renowned New York City firm of McLean & Perrin.

It includes a full dining room and bathroom with a balcony.


$300,000 (in one location) or more in Lake Elsinore, California; $300-plus (in other locations): This two bedroom four-bathroom home in Paradise Beach is located at the south end of Paradise Beach, just north of Lake Elsinore.

It contains a large guest bathroom, full kitchen, a master and second bedroom, a full bath, a fire pit, a tennis court and a pool.


$350,000 one-bedroom in Lake Havasu City, Arizona: This $350-plus one-bedroom home is the only one in Lake Maricopa that has been built on land that formerly housed a hotel.

It sits on about 3 acres of land, and is on the edge of a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains.

It will include a deck, a pool, and several bedrooms.


$200,000 two

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