Which furnishings can you rent in Delhi?

The rental market in Delhi is hot right now, with over 3,000 properties on the market.

As of this writing, the median rent for an apartment is Rs 1,100 a month, but the number of properties available in Delhi has surged to over 10,000.

In fact, this month, the number on the auction block of more than 4,000 apartments, including five in the capital, jumped to over 30,000, making Delhi the most sought after destination in India for home rentals.

The most popular rentals in Delhi are:Modern-day apartments: The cheapest one-bedroom flat in Delhi comes in at Rs 3,800 a month.

It comes with a balcony, private bath and a private kitchen.

The unit is rented for a minimum of three months, so you will need to rent the rest of the time to keep the property ticking over.

However, the apartment also comes with an extra security deposit of Rs 2,800, and the owner has to pay Rs 1.75 lakh on the deposit every month.

The next cheapest one bedroom flat in the city comes in for Rs 2.5 lakh, while a one bedroom apartment in Delhi’s eastern outskirts comes for Rs 3.5 crore.

It has a private bathroom and kitchen, and a security deposit is Rs 2 lakh.

This unit is also available for a one-month lease.

Another popular property is a five-bedroom unit, which comes with three bedrooms, a balcony and private bathroom.

It also comes up for a three-month rental, so the owner will pay Rs 2 crore on the security deposit.

However one-bedrooms are the cheapest rental in the market, and they have the best amenities, including a double-height balcony and a spacious private bathroom for up to 20 people.

Apartments in eastern Delhi come for around Rs 5 lakh, and there is an option for a two-bedroom, which is available for upto 20 people, as well.

Another common rental property is the two-bedroom apartment, which has a balcony that can accommodate up to five people.

There is also an option to rent out the unit as a shared living space for two people.

There are a few other affordable rentals in the area.

One of them is a four-bed apartment, where the owner pays a one month rent and is given two months to make it a fully-furnishished property.

The other is a two bedroom apartment, with an owner paying Rs 3 lakh on a deposit and is required to pay another Rs 2 to 3 lakh for upkeep.

Another two-room flat is a three bedroom, which can accommodate two people at a time.

It can be rented out for a month at a minimum.

Apart from a kitchen and living area, there is a bedroom and a balcony.

Another flat is for two rooms.

It is available in three bedrooms with a kitchenette and two bathrooms, with a security fee of Rs 3 crore.

The last affordable apartment is a one room, which costs Rs 1 lakh and comes with the same amenities as the other two-rooms.

There are also a shower and a sink, which are also provided for the tenant.

There is a small rental market for three-beds, but you will have to pay an additional security deposit for it, which will be Rs 1 crore.

Another one-room apartment comes with no amenities, and has a security charge of Rs 1 million.

This is a popular property for renters looking to move in a year or two.

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