When it comes to home furnishers, David Furniture has a huge selection

With its big, white walls, the white-washed, wood-burning stove and the wood-paneled kitchen, David is the epitome of home decor.

It is a home where you can be yourself, but also where the people and the environment are not.

It’s a place where your neighbors and family are welcome and are appreciated.

But it is also a place you will want to leave.

In the days before the rise of social media, David furnishing was just a hobby, an obsession for the guy in the basement.

But when he was given the chance to create a new home in 2015, he knew he wanted to make it his.

His new home is an oasis, an island of comfort, a refuge.

David, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, had an epiphany after watching the recent Super Bowl on TV and realized he didn’t have a home to call his own.

The moment, he says, changed everything.

“I started to realize how much I wanted to be a part of something bigger,” he says.

“The house has been a refuge from all the pain and anxiety and sadness that comes with having a child.”

David has been living with his wife of 18 years, Kristy, and their two daughters for the past five years.

“It’s been an incredible journey,” says David.

“You never know what’s going to happen.

But we love it here, we love our neighbors.

We’re lucky that our home is surrounded by nature, so we have lots of time to do the things we love.”

One of David’s hobbies is photography, and he’s been working on a book called “Possessions of the Great American Family.”

The book is about people and places in America, including David’s home.

He’s also writing a book about his wife and their family, and his family has been in touch with him to talk about the book.

When we spoke to David last week, he told us that the home is a refuge for him and Kristy.

“When we’re having fun, I’m like, this is my home, it’s where I belong,” he said.

“We’re lucky to be here.”

But, he added, “I’m not going to let anything go to waste.”

And while he has a home filled with beautiful furnishings, his home isn’t the only thing he loves.

He has his camera in his hands.

“People have made me do things that are so crazy,” he told me.

“But I don’t care.

I’m here.

I have the world to look forward to.

I know how lucky I am.

I’ve got friends that have kids that I love.”

When we talked about home decor, he said he’s happy with what he has, and that he doesn’t have anything in particular he would change.

“If you want to be different, go to a house with an actual kitchen,” he explained.

“Go to a place with a fireplace.

Go to a kitchen that’s big.

Go eat in a tablecloth.

Go walk around a room with a dresser.

You don’t need a fireplace because there are no fires there.”

He also said he loves his old kitchen, which he calls a “muddy hole.”

But he’s not going anywhere.

He is planning to put his new home on the market, but he said it’s a little too soon to say how much.

“My plan is to sell it in five years,” he joked.

But as long as he’s around, he’s going on as he always has.

“A lot of people don’t really get to enjoy life,” he concluded.

“So, when you’re able to spend a few days a year, you can enjoy it for a while.

You can go out and experience it.

But you can’t just keep doing the same thing over and over again.”

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