What’s the difference between the new and old homes?

The new homes on the block include the new house on the corner, as well as the new home on the street, as shown in the video above.

The old homes are not shown in this video.

Both of these homes are owned by the same family, the Rieses, who purchased the block in 2016 for $3.5 million.

A new home, according to the family, is a modern, modern design with more storage and a more modern kitchen.

The family says the new family house, in fact, looks more like an old house than an old one, and there are no new additions to the home.

The new home is designed with a new style of flooring, windows and doors.

The new home has an open plan that opens up to the outside, and the family says it’s more of a traditional, classic look.

A new home that looks like an older one but with a modern design.

This new house was designed with the intention of bringing back some of the charm that’s been lost in the past 10 years.

The Riese family says they’ve been saving up for the house and the renovations are paying off.

The Riesecks own two older homes in St. Paul, and they’re not looking to move into the new homes.

They plan to keep them.

“It’s like you have a new home for me to be here, and I’m still going to be a family,” said Riesee, who said she’s excited about the new living space.

“We’ve been waiting for this for years, so it’s really cool.”

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