San Diego residents are getting a chance to save up for a new apartment before the end of the year

In a few months, San Diego will be making a historic move for residents of the city.

The city will be adding some 200 new units, making it the largest residential addition in the city’s history.

It will also be the first to open to the public, meaning that residents who have already signed up to rent are not the only ones getting their first look at their new digs.

Here are five things you need to know about the San Diego apartments you can expect to rent in 2018: 1.

If you’re interested in a new place to live, the city is looking for residents to rent at least 25% of the units in a building, as opposed to 10% for a standard two-bedroom apartment.

That means residents who rent 20% of a building’s units will get their units up to 25% for the first year, as well as a 20% discount for those who rent 25% or more.

Residents will also receive a 15% discount on their annual utilities, as long as they pay their utilities on time.

The discount applies to residential units with less than 30 units.


There are a total of 21 units available for rent in San Diego, but only a handful of those will be available for people who live outside of the area of San Diego where the new apartments will be built.

The remainder will be located in the same district as the new apartment buildings, meaning people who rent in neighborhoods such as Echo Park and Long Beach will have to pay more than their neighbors in other areas.

Residents can expect the new buildings to cost between $1,100 and $1-million, depending on the type of apartment.


Residents who move in before January 2019 will be eligible for a 30-day eviction notice if they fail to pay their rent in full by Jan. 1, 2019.

If they do not pay by that time, the eviction will happen immediately.

If that happens, San Diegans can apply to the city for a provisional eviction to allow the city to begin eviction proceedings, as it will begin at the end, when all of the apartments are up for rent.


Residents of new San Diego apartment buildings will not be required to get permits to live in the new areas.

Developers will still have to apply to build new buildings, but they won’t have to be licensed.

Developers are also expected to follow state regulations and adhere to building codes.


The new apartments have the same amenities as existing units, but with more amenities.

They’ll include a gym, a pool, outdoor kitchen and even a rooftop deck.

The rooftop deck will have a heated pool and a sauna.

There will also have to have a balcony for a view of the ocean and nearby ocean views.


Residents are not required to have any prior residency in San Francisco, which means that residents of new buildings will still be able to rent apartments from their existing city.

But they’ll also need to obtain a California license to do so.

If the licenses are not issued by the city, residents will still need to go through a two-year waiting period before they can rent their apartment in San Jose or Los Angeles.


In 2018, San Jose will also open up to the general public its first residential development, the San Jose City Center.

The first residential building will be in a residential neighborhood of downtown San Jose, which is already undergoing construction and is currently being used as a homeless shelter.

There is also a parking garage, a large outdoor patio and a public transit station.

The building will house two restaurants, a public art gallery and a movie theater.


The buildings will be fully leased, meaning tenants can expect rents to be higher than those in some existing units.

However, there will be no upfront rent for residents.

Developers and developers will be required by law to keep the units affordable to the lowest income level in the building, so that the rents for new units will not exceed 30% of those in existing units at the time of the purchase.


All new apartments are expected to open in 2019.

The San Diego Planning Commission is expected to approve the development plans for the new residential buildings, which will open in the summer of 2019.

It is unclear at this point how many units will be opened, or what they will cost.

The Planning Commission will vote on the final permits and zoning for the buildings this summer, and they will then have to get approval from the city and the California Coastal Commission to go forward with construction.

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