Safaviehz Home Furniture: A $300,000 Sale?

Anova Furniture is selling its first home furnishments, a $300K home-made sofa that can be hung with up to 30 cords, and the latest in an ever-growing line of “high-end” products.

The brand, which was founded by husband and wife team Anova Safaviev and Shoshana Anova, began in the United States in 2011, with products like the Anova G4 and Anova D1 folding sofa, and in 2017, the Anovas, in partnership with furniture retailer Savile Row, introduced the A5, which can fold up to 24 cords.

It’s the latest high-end item in the Safavian family’s line of furniture, which includes the Anevas’ original sofa, a high-quality version of which went on sale in January 2018.

In addition to its high-priced, high-tech products, Anova is also known for its “carpet-and-foam” home furnishers that feature an array of fabrics, from natural wood to leather, with the goal of enhancing a room’s feel.

Anova recently added an additional $10K to the A7 furniture to create a high end carpet, but it’s not clear when that addition will be made available to the broader market.

The company is also selling a “cotton rug” that has been sold in limited quantities to customers, and a $150 carpet in a $500 sale.

As the company has grown, so has the amount of inventory, and its stock has soared since the Anavas sold the original sofa.

The A5 and Anovs newest offering is a “stretch” couch that features a “twist” back and a fold-up seat.

A “cushion” and “bunk” in the back have also been added.

The cushions are designed for comfort and can be worn for a few hours.

While the Anvans’ home furnish and furnishings line has expanded to include furniture for corporate clients, the company also sells furniture for individuals and even for small families.

In 2018, Anova made the A2 chair, which it had sold to a customer in 2018, and is offering it to the public in the form of a “new family item.”

Anova also announced a “pilot” program in the summer of 2019, with a $2,500 price point.

That program included the Anovette furniture that can fold down to 16 cords, which Anova says are easier to fold than traditional “sturdy” couch cushions.

It also announced an “extraordinary” “couch” that will be available in a range of sizes.

“The Anovais family of products are not only the best in the world, they are also affordable, accessible and highly functional,” Anova CEO and founder Shoshanna Anova said in a statement.

“As the number of people who want to live in their own homes continues to increase, we’re excited to offer affordable, high quality furniture for people who love the outdoors and want to be more creative in their design.”

The company also announced that it would be launching a new website on September 14, 2019, featuring the A1 sofa, the A3 sofa, “the most comfortable, best-looking couch available,” and a “totally redesigned” sofa.

“We hope the new website will bring you the comfort and style you need to create your very own beautiful home,” Anovia CEO and co-founder Shoshane Anova added.

“When you take a step back, you’ll see why we are one of the world’s most trusted home furnishors.”

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