L.A. home furnishing company unveils a line of luxury homes with custom touches

The L.L.

Bean Group, the nation’s largest home-furnishing company, said Monday it plans to begin selling high-end home furnishments to wealthy clients who want the ultimate in luxury.

The company, which was founded by the late L.J. Bean and owns dozens of luxury brands, is adding to its portfolio of home-improvement services to cater to clients with a more upscale taste.

Home-improvements are becoming increasingly popular with affluent people in an era when people are searching for places to spend more money and spend less time in the house, said Jeff Worsley, a partner with L.B.G.

The new line of homes will include items such as stainless steel appliances, marble-topped dining tables and custom-cut marble flooring, L.

Beans spokeswoman Brooke Tisch said.

L’Oréal, another home-supply company, has begun offering some of its brands to wealthy people who want a more traditional style, such as marble floors and custom cabinets, Tisch added.

The L.G.’s also working with a number of high-profile names such as Tom Cruise, Michael Jordan and George Clooney.

The line of high quality home furnishing will also include some high-performance products such as custom cabinets that are custom-designed and made by hand.

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