‘I’m not sure I want to go back’: A new Irish landlord has warned her tenants to leave because the place is “no longer fit for purpose”

An old apartment in Dublin has been condemned to become a “living museum”.

The new owners of the property are offering a “sensible solution” to the landlord, who has been criticised for failing to provide sufficient heating and lighting, according to a statement issued by the council.

The property, at the corner of Clondalkin and Kilbarracka Streets, is described on the council website as a “very large and well-appointed two-bedroom apartment”.

The owners are looking for a new landlord to take over the property.

The owners have asked for “a reasonable rent for the property and no more than the current rate”.

The statement from the council says the owners want the property to be rented out as a private home.

It says the “rent and the energy bill” will be shared out among the tenants, with no rent or utilities being paid.

The tenants are currently entitled to “no more than €300 a week” in rent and utilities, but they have until March 31 to make a claim.

“The property has not been rented out for a number of years and the occupants are not prepared to pay this rent,” the statement reads.

All the occupants’ other living costs, such as living expenses for their pets, will also be covered by the current rent and the current utilities.””

The current rent is in excess of the current energy bill and the owners are not confident that they will be able to make the rent reasonable in the future.”

All the occupants’ other living costs, such as living expenses for their pets, will also be covered by the current rent and the current utilities.

“It goes on to say the property is “not fit for public use”, with no outdoor space, a balcony, and no communal seating.

The council’s statement says the building has been “closed to the public” since July 2014.

The statement concludes: “The building is a public health risk and has an unacceptable environmental impact.

“If the property was used for any other purpose, the owners would be required to pay a rent that would have to be significantly lower than the rent charged.”

It says it will look at “the current and proposed lease arrangements”.

It is not the first time the council has been accused of not providing adequate heat and lighting.

In September, it was criticised for refusing to rent to a landlord who did not pay for heat and light, despite an agreement with him.

In January, the council said it had “no plans” to allow a group of young people living on a building site to return to the premises, as a result of concerns over “social exclusion”.

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