How to get a job and get an apartment in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (AP) A growing number of Californians are looking for work, but many are struggling to find a place to live.

In the latest jobs data, the median salary for workers with a bachelor’s degree is $51,200, a number that’s up 4 percent from 2016 and the highest in California.

The average rent for a single-family home in the San Diego metro area is $1,719, while the median rent for two-unit apartments is $2,749.

That’s up 6 percent from 2017.

The median annual salary in the state is $58,936.

The jobs report was released Wednesday as the U.S. economy remains in a mild recession, as well as as amid the threat of a record heat wave.

It also came as San Diego announced it would hold a statewide candlelight vigil to remember those who were killed during the heatwave.

It’s the latest data showing an uptick in the number of jobless workers, who have struggled to find work despite the economy.

The unemployment rate dropped to 4.4 percent from 5.1 percent last month, according to the Labor Department.

That compares with 5.8 percent unemployment rate in February and 6.1.

percent in September.

The number of Americans who are jobless has risen for the first time since August, when the government started tracking it.

The numbers also show an increase in Californians who are working part time and relying on food stamps.

The U.N. agency said in February that the number who were working part-time rose to 6.9 percent, compared with 6.4 million who were unemployed.

The bureau also reported that the unemployment rate declined slightly to 4 percent.

The data also show a rise in the numbers of people receiving Supplemental Security Income, which is designed to help low-income Americans and low-wage workers get by while providing some income security.

The federal government provides a cash benefit of up to $1.23 per month to help people who are disabled and have lost their jobs.

The amount is based on the person’s household income, the poverty line and the number in the labor force.

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