How to get a free apartment if you live on Airbnb

The rental market has become so crowded and so pricey that many Americans are forced to use the services they hate.

The latest example is the $50,000-a-month apartment owned by an Ohio man who left New York for Colorado to work in construction. 

The home, a 1,400-square-foot apartment in a quiet, wooded area in northern Colorado Springs, is filled with furniture and appliances.

The home has a small kitchen and two bathrooms, which have no electricity.

The living room, with its stained-glass ceiling and wood paneling, is adorned with a framed photograph of the man and a framed picture of his wife, who lives nearby.

“I’m a bit of a sentimental guy,” said Chris McPherson, who owns the apartment.

He had spent more than $5,000 on the apartment, he said.

The McPhersons moved to Colorado after graduating from the University of Colorado, where he was a neuroscience student.

But when he arrived in Colorado Springs in February, he didn’t expect much.

He said he was living in a one-bedroom apartment in the city’s Littleton area, where there was no internet and no TV.

McPhersson said he’s a regular at the Denver hotel he owns.

He had recently been living in the apartment for about two months.

There were two other roommates, who he didn�t know.

He told them he would be moving out and asked them if they wanted to move in.

The roommates agreed to do so.

Once McPersons moved in, he told his roommates to keep the windows open to let in fresh air, and they did.

When he moved out, the roommates didn�ts care if he slept in his apartment, McPhesons said.

He didn�tt want to sleep in a place where people might notice him and come and steal his stuff.

They said they didn�ll bother. He doesn�t think the man had much choice in his decision.

One of the roommats, who asked to remain anonymous because of fear of retaliation, said the man, a black man, said he had no idea how to do his own laundry.

He also told McPheresons he didnot know how to clean his hands.

McPherens said he has never heard him complain about any of that before.

His roommates said he didn t seem to care about his laundry.

They told him to buy a bucket and wash his clothes every day.

Mc Pherson said that sounds like a reasonable idea, but he said that he never saw any effort from the man to clean.

Some roommates have seen the apartment over the past month.

They said they had never seen the man clean, but that his apartment was not the cleanest.

Last week, Mc Phersons saw a picture of the apartment on Instagram.

He saw the name of the person who rented it on Instagram, and he said he liked it.

A photo posted by Chris Mc Phereson (@chrismcpherson) on Jan 14, 2018 at 10:26am PST Mc Phersson also said he thinks the man was trying to lure his roommate to the apartment and use the house as a home away from home.

Mc Philson said the McPhessons are now considering moving out of the home.

They had been living there since the beginning of this year, he added.

After leaving New York, Mc Philsons decided to move to Colorado Springs to get away from the city and to work.

He lives on a $1,100-a in-home stipend, but it was not enough for the job he was applying for.

In the spring, McPhilsons moved into the apartment because it was more convenient.

But the apartment was full, so he decided to rent it out.

He did not expect the man would have a problem with it, McPhillsons said, but the apartment is still full.

Now, Mc Piperns has moved in with his family and plans to return to New York in the near future.

He has been using the apartment to live in for about a month.

He wants to find a roommate who would not be a danger to his family.

Mc Piperss said he does not expect he will be able to return.

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