Denver’s ‘Rescue’ Hotel is now a ‘Rent-a-Car’ for Homeless People

DENVER — The Rescue Hotel in Denver, which once had a parking lot, is now being converted into a homeless shelter.

The building is located at 1220 East Broadway, just a short walk from the downtown core.

The hotel, which was built in 1957, is being renovated into a rental property.

The owners, the Denver Homeless Coalition, are hoping to find enough money to complete the project.

The city’s homeless services office said it’s a small fraction of the estimated $400 million the city needs to rebuild.

The shelter was one of the last remaining shelters in the city.

The previous owners, Denver International Hotel and Resorts, said they had no plans to demolish the building.

The nonprofit, which works with homeless people, said it was working with the city on a project to help the homeless find housing.

“We hope to have an office there,” said Matt McLean, the co-founder of the homeless shelter, which is part of the Homeless Re-Build project.

“The city and the state have been incredibly supportive, and I’m hoping to see a lot of progress on this.”

The shelter has been under the control of the Denver City Council since January of this year.

Denver is one of 14 cities in the U.S. to offer a free hotel for homeless people to stay there.

Denver’s other homeless shelter in the same area is called the Hotel Aurora.

In October, Mayor Michael Hancock said the city’s $200 million investment in the shelter would create 200 jobs and allow more people to come to the city, including more than 30 families.

The Hotel Aurora is located on the same block as the Denver International hotel.

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