Couple gets a home from their husband’s business, then turns to technology

The couple, who met online, say they are living in their own personal “internet house.”

But they said they’re trying to find other ways to live their lives.

The couple’s business has a Web site that lets them rent out the home as well as sell the space.

And they’ve been using Google’s Home app to search for apartments, but it was a tough decision to buy a home in Houston, a city that has a high vacancy rate and limited availability of apartments.

So they moved to Dallas, where the property is being marketed as a tech hub.

Their home has a large outdoor pool and a large kitchen, and they are taking advantage of Google’s free-market approach to renting.

The tech-focused couple, Daniel and Julie Fink, said they started looking for an apartment in March, and eventually moved into the two-bedroom apartment with their new husband.

They bought a 1,600-square-foot home in Katy for $2,500 in September 2016, after a search that involved more than 150,000 listings on the Texas Real Estate Board website.

The Finks, who live in the Houston area, have two children and are looking to buy another home to rent.

They said they found an apartment at a nearby business that rents out the space and is not on Airbnb, but the Finks said they’ve since added a few rooms and are now in the process of adding a third bedroom.

Daniel Fink said they are using Google Home as an alternative to their office, where he said he and his wife spend more time online.

The husband said he has been using the app to book meetings and to check in on his kids and to review the property, as well.

He said the house is a home with the comforts of home, with a full kitchen, bath and a full living area.

“We’re not living in a studio apartment.

It’s a great place to live,” he said.

“You’re in the middle of a big city, you get to see all your neighbors.

It gets to a point where you want to live in that space, and I think that’s where people want to be.”

Julie Fiskel said she has been taking advantage.

She said she recently moved in to the two bedroom apartment with her husband and two dogs, who are not dogs.

She’s planning to buy her own home in Dallas.

She added that the technology helps her get out of the house to do her work or to relax in her new home.

She and her husband said they were able to find a home near the college that is close to the city.

They rented out their new home and were ready to move in this week.

“I feel like I can be more productive, more productive at home,” Julie Fisk said.

They did find an apartment close to their downtown Houston home, where they said the rents were about $1,500 a month.

But Julie Finks added that they were not getting any free-range Wi-Fi access.

She was able to access the Internet from her phone at work and from her laptop at home, she said.

She does not have an Airbnb account, but said she’s working on a way to set up one.

The family said they plan to keep using Google to search and make appointments, and to see if they can find an affordable home nearby.

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