Cheap furnished apartments in Delhi to be made available by government in new Rs 20,000-a-month scheme

Delhi: In a big way, the government of India is now making affordable housing available to people of the city.

According to the Housing Department, a total of 10,000 apartments have been made available under the new government scheme under the Rs 20-a–month housing scheme.

The scheme has already been extended to some 25,000 people in the city and the city has seen a surge in construction and construction workers.

It will continue to be extended to the remaining 10,400 people.

“We are working with the state government to expand the scheme.

This will bring about a total increase in the housing supply in Delhi, said Housing Department official K V Singh.

According the Housing Ministry, the scheme will provide housing for 1.7 crore people, of which 5.3 crore are unskilled labourers, and another 6.2 crore are poor and unskilled farmers.

The ministry said that this new scheme is also expected to bring about an additional 5,000 jobs to the city, which would result in an additional Rs 5,800 crore in the budget.

The government said it is also working on a national housing strategy, and it is developing a housing strategy for the states, which are the biggest contributors to the urban population in India.

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