California’s Badcock home furnings come in the box

California’s badcock home accessories have been making headlines lately, but they are not the first home furnishments to be made with the material.

It’s been used for decades in the furniture industry, with many manufacturers claiming it is a superior alternative to the more expensive wood and stone materials.

Now, new furniture from California-based Badcock, which is based in Los Angeles, has made the leap to the home market, with its Badcock Home Furnishing line of furniture and accessories.

The company’s Badcocks, which are known for their rugged design, come in boxes that are just a little bigger than a small bed and include a pillow, a pillowcase, a table, and an armchair.

The company says they are the perfect size to take up a small space.

Badcock also makes furniture for the home, with a collection of furniture that are made to fit a range of spaces, from small living rooms to living rooms, kitchens and baths.

The Badcock furniture line includes an array of items for sale, ranging from a couch and armchair, to a table and arm chair, to an office chair.

The armchair in particular is a favorite among customers, with customers calling it “the best chair on the market.”

“This chair is just the best chair,” said customer David Lefranc.

“The seat is really nice, it’s really comfortable, and the arm is really big.”

A big seller on the company’s website, the Badcocking line is also a great choice for those looking for a budget-friendly option for their home.

The line comes in at just $129, with the cheapest of the offerings starting at just a few hundred dollars.

A selection of Badcocked products can be found at Goodwill and Home Depot stores, as well as at many furniture stores and home improvement stores.

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