A house of comfort: a penny-ante ‘penny’ for a pauper

A man has a new, albeit slightly quirky, idea for a house of the humble.

A penny-antique ‘pennies’ for the humble!

The man is the architect of an apartment building in the city of Goa, and is working on a project that combines a flat, one-bedroom apartment with a duplex, complete with a balcony, for his two children.

The family plans to move into the duplex once the new building opens, and will live in a separate apartment.

The apartment in question has a central courtyard, a balcony and an open kitchen.

The house is also made out of a piece of steel mesh, which allows the home to stand upright and protect the tenants from the elements.

The roof of the apartment has a large hole for a window, and the front of the building is covered with two metal doors.

The architects behind the project are Vikram and Anirudh.

The idea is to turn a modest, one bedroom flat into a living space for the two children, who will live with the family in the dupx.

The concept was born when Vikram realised that the family living in the apartment was quite happy.

The son and daughter-in-law, both of whom are doctors, were able to get a job.

But the father-in‑law was unable to secure a job because of his wife’s medical condition.

He has to work full-time in his job, and he is working full-timously.

The father-of-three is also unable to work at home as he suffers from a severe heart condition.

The family is also working on making the apartment affordable.

They want to rent it out for a low rent, so that they can afford to buy the house.

They are planning to make the house of bricks, a cheaper option, as the apartment is constructed of concrete.

The house of penniesThe plan is for the dupxs to have a separate entrance for each child, and for the apartments to be linked to the childrens schools.

The father-and-son team is currently in talks with a local architect to complete the building, which is set to be completed in early 2018.

They will also build a separate, separate bathroom for the family.

They have also planned to have their own kitchen and shower.

The parents and two children will be allowed to use the house for their own purposes, but the architect is also keen to take the family out for meals on occasion.

“The main goal is to make it comfortable for the children, but we also want to keep the children entertained,” says Vikram.

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