A Fully Fitted Home: A Fully Furnished Story by Safavie Hamed

The Safavies are the perfect fit for any home.

The Hamed family has lived in their home for more than 40 years and have always been in love with the way the home looks.

But as a family of seven, the home became too large and too crowded for David’s husband, who needed a new bedroom.

When he started looking for a place to live in New York City, the Hameds decided to find a place in the suburbs where they could get the type of life they wanted for their children.

The only problem was the cost of living was prohibitive.

As the family grew, the number of children who needed rooms grew and so did the cost.

The house became too small and too cramped for David.

When Safavia was a young girl, her mother was hospitalized due to a serious illness.

David and Safaviam went to the hospital and saw what the hospital did to the children.

Safaviseh decided to take her daughter to the Hames and offered to take care of her.

“We knew that she would get better and that she needed help,” Safavi said.

Safavanah decided that she wanted to help out her mother and to do so she enrolled her in a program that helps families in need of affordable, quality care.

“I wanted to do something good for my mother,” Safavanh said.

Since Safavireh’s mother was suffering from a severe illness, Safavishah knew the value of helping her.

When her mother began to deteriorate, Safavanih realized that the only thing that would keep her alive was the help her mother needed.

After her mother died, Safavenieh became concerned about her mother’s health and was ready to help her.

She volunteered at the New York Public Library.

The library had been one of Safavian’s favorite places to visit as a child.

She would always find Safavineh sitting at the front desk, waiting to take the calls of children or adults.

“My mom would come in and just be so happy,” Safaveni said of her mother.

The program was successful, but Safaviche didn’t want to leave Safavinh behind.

She wanted to continue to help others.

“She was just like me.

She had such a great spirit and I would always be there to help,” said Safavis daughter, Safavera.

The Safaveras started the Safavias family foundation, which has since grown to include other families in the New Jersey area.

They were also the founders of Safavaia’s Center for a New York Dream, which aims to help families get back on their feet after a devastating loss.

“It is really nice to know that there is hope and that there are people who are helping each other,” Safaveh said of the program.

The Center for A New York Dreams was a project of Safavan Hamed, who became the organization’s first president in 2017.

“This foundation has given hope to families who have lost their homes and to families like us who have been through similar situations,” Safavidh said, referring to the tragic circumstances of her family.

“Our goal is to make a difference for these families.”

With the help of the Safavanis Foundation, Safaveah and Safavaniam’s daughter Safaveri are now working to help people like them get back to their homes, and SafavaH hopes to bring that to more families in New Jersey.

“That’s really what we’re here for,” Safaverih said.

“To make sure that this is something that is not forgotten, that families are able to rebuild and that their kids have a better future.”

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